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Dear Colleagues of SSB project,

This is Yojiro Kitamura of SSB community manager of the "Friends Of SATREPS."


Please visit the following URL and become a member of the Friends Of SATREPS.

Click on the Friends of SATREPS box in the right hand column and then select your language (Japanese or English) in the upper right hand corner. Then click on the Register box in the right hand column and enter your email address and input the stylized keyword. An email message will be sent to you containing a URL where you will go to complete your registration by entering your name, affiliation, self-introduction and other information.

After you have registered as a member of the "Friends of SATREPS", please visit my URL listed below and request me to be your friend.

Yojiro Kitamura's URL

(Note, only a member of the Friends of SATREPS can see the contents of another member so please become a member first.)

Also, please become a member of the SSB community. You can become a member of the SSB community by going to the following URL.

Click on the "Join this community" box at the bottom of the page and then click on the "send" button. You will then become a member of the SSB community.

I am planning to organize 10,000 (or more) people who are interested in the SSB project under this SSB community as well as sub community of SSB.

After you have become a member of the Friends of SATREPS, please be sure to introduce this service to your friends.

FOS can be an effective communication tool and we will certainly use FOS as a platform for;

(1) establishing consensus
We need to involve a rich variety of top level human resources from a multitude of disciplines, professional specialities, industries and countries, and project management is one of the most challenging tasks of this project. In this regard FOS provides the ideal vehicle to facilitate and achieve a collaborative and cooperative effort between the projects various members to establish the needed consensus that is essential for the successful completion of our project.

(2) making business opportunities
SSB is a science based bottom up approach industrial oriented project, and we need not only scientists but business partners as well as investors to enable us to make our Quixotic Dream come true. FOS is a very effective project based communication tool that can be used in conjunction with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blog, E-Publishing and Homepage.

(3) knowledge data bank
Our SSB experience in the North Africa region and Arabic countries may be important and useful for other FOS projects and the contra is also true that FOS experiences in other projects can be quite useful for our SSB project. Therefore, we can achieve a very high level of synergy for FOS through the collaborative mutual sharing of our experiences, efforts and information to form an authoritative FOS technology data bank. For this data bank I will be more than happy to assist FOS in creating the required concept to create it.

Please join us!

I am looking forward to seeing you at the SSB community.

Best regards,

Yojiro Kitamura

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